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Recent Client Feedback

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“Hi Chaley and Sean,
Hope you and Sean are doing well. Most of my past emails to you have been to say that I have another roof leak, so this time I thought I’d send you a good news email.
Whatever Sean did on the roof the last time he was here seems to have done the trick. We’ve had a fair bit of rain and so far no more leaks. Hope I don’t jinx it by saying that. It’s really been a long time since we’ve had a dry ceiling, so well done Sean!
After all the shonky tradesmen and renovation trouble we had, it’s been wonderful dealing with you and Sean at Roofology. Thank you both for a job well done and for all the effort you’ve put in on our behalf. Thanks again.”
Yvonne – Bayswater


“Hi Sean and Chaley,
The repairs worked a treat on the weekend. Lots of water onto the garden rather than the eaves/inside the house. Another rainy week coming up so your timing was excellent!
Thanks so much! We are so grateful for the brilliant work you did Sean. I used to dread the rain with the leaking roof but now am enjoying the rain!”
Jemma and Marcus – Floreat


“Many thanks for a job well done. Sean worked so hard yesterday to finish the job. We appreciate your superb customer service and consistent communication from the quoting process to its completion yesterday. Thank you for the professional manner in which you conduct your business. We would be happy to recommend you at any time.”
Diane and Chris – Aveley


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